Shamanthakamani – Review


Multi starers are less common in Telugu. There are four heroes working together in this film. Sriram Aditya, a young director who has gained good recognition with ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’, has created ‘Shamanthakamani’ with this rare combination. With interesting promos, the film has come to the audience today amidst high expectations. Let’s see how it works.

The story:

Krishna (Sudhir Babu), son of millionaire, after a tiff with his father goes to the party in a vintage car called ‘Shamanthakamani’ which was brought in an auction for Rs 5 crore. When he comes out of the party the car goes missing. So he complains to the police. The case is taken up by Sasi Ranjith Kumar (Nara Rohit). He suspects Krishna (Sandeep Kishan) Karthik (Adi) and Uma Maheshwara Rao (Rajendra Prasad). He investigates all of them. What he finds from them and did he recover the car forms the rest of the story.


The title of Shamanthakamani .. The combination of four young heroes .. Creative promos .. Many of the issues attracted the audience to ‘Shamanthakamani’. Its trailer evoked expectations of a racy entertaining thriller. However in the theater it turns out to be an average crime comedy movie. Introducing different people .. bring them them all together and link them up to a Common Issue .. and push everyone into trouble .. In the end, in a thrilling format resolving the issue forms the basis of the story. Even though Sriram Aditya has done some things to entertain, he falls a bit short at the end of the show.

The viewers mainly expect speed from such crime comedy thrillers. The characters need to be unique. But the first half is slow. The opening scene has provoked interest and hopes that the film will be new, but the next one is disappointing. most of the time gone by introducing the main characters, showing their backgrounds and taking them to the center of the story. The director showed creativity in terms of screenplay in order to alter the stories of these characters but did not create uniqueness to those characters.

But the director’s talent is shown in the second half. The director made an interesting attempt to tell the story of each character in their perceptive. Sriram screen play technique has done the trick here. He was successful in thrilling at the end.


All the heroes did well. Nara Rohit and Sandeep Kishan roles were similar to many of their previous movies and hence they portrayed them with ease. Rajendra prasad did well, but his character was not etched out properly. The rest of crew did justice to their role.

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