99% polling for this election

election-commission-of-indiaNEW DELHI: The returning officer for the Presidential poll announced that more than 99% of voting was recorded for electing India’s 14th President. The counting of the votes will take place on July 20.

As per the Election commission’s report, Uttarakhand, Nagaland, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh recorded a 100% voting.

Loksabha secretary, general Anup Mishra, who is also the returning officer for the parliament announced that they have recorded 99% voting. Out of the total sanctioned strength of the parliament i.e, 776, only 771 MPs were eligible to cast their votes for the President’s election.

“In both the houses of the parliament there are two vacancies each and one of the MPs from BJP, Mr. Chedi Paswan does not have voting right. So the total tally stands at 771”, general Anup Mishra said.

As many as 54 MPs used their voting right in state-capitals due to various reasons. The list includes Goa Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, UP Chief minister Adityanath and his deputy Keshav Prasad Maurya and Union minister Uma Bharti.

Also, the BJP chief Amit Shah, an MLA from Gujarat sought permission from the EC to cast his vote in Delhi. On the other hand, the MPs from West Bengal made use of their voting rights in the state capital, Kolkata.

The counting process will begin on July 20, 11 AM in the morning. The first ballot box to be opened will be of the Parliament’s and thereby, those received from the states will be counted. The votes will be counted in eight rounds.

The Presidential poll was conducted in 32 polling stations across the country with 4,896 voters casting their votes. Out of them, 4,120 members are MLAs with the rest of them being Members of the Parliament. The members of the State legislative councils are not part of the electoral college for presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata party confirmed that Venkaiah Naidu will be their Vice-President candidate for the upcoming Vice-President’s poll next month.

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