Anam brothers – TDP – Sad saga

“Pacha bottesina pella gaada neetho pachi praayalane panchukunta” is a song sung by Tamanna in Bahubali. Because both are lovers and she expressed her desire to share everything with Prabhas.  But two brothers who are very popular in politics had a yellow tag but till now they could not reap any benefit.  Till now they even could not meet Chandrababu.

In united Andhra Pradesh, they are very prominent leaders in Congress party. But after joining in TDP they became helpless.  Now they are not in a position to decide which way they need to go. They are Anam Vivekananda Reddy and Anam Rama Narayana Reddy.

Everyone knows their family’s power in Nellore political scene. Chandrababu offered MLC to Viveka and offered minister post to Rama Narayana Reddy.  TDP party expected that with their arrival the party will strengthen in Nellore district. They wore yellow kanduva and made Babu bhajan.  Viveka is more active. So he criticized Jagan more. Even after all this, there is no improvement in the situation.

So they kept quiet. Former finance minister Rama Narayana Reddy also could not get any minister post. Viveka is expecting MLC post. He even went to Babu and asked him about MLC post. Once Babu said will see and another time he said to how many people he can give MLC seat.  Now they realized that Babu duped them. Recently Babu allotted two MLC posts in Governors’’ quota to Ramasubba Reddy and M D Farooq. Because of political priority, Babu set aside Anam brothers and gave these two seats to them.

Now both the brothers are commenting with their friends that they took a wrong decision.  Babu offered district Telugu youth president to Viveka’s son Ranga Mayur Reddy.  But both the brothers decided not to accept this offer. They are not even attending to party functions.

Recently Bala Krishna attended as a chief guest for a party function in Nellore. But both the brothers did not attend to that function. Local Telugu Desam cadre is commenting that ignoring state level leaders in not a good sign. Now we need to wait and watch whether they will continue in TDP or shift to another party. Let us see whether Babu give any post to them or let them leave the party.

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