AP Cabinet on belt Shops – Close it all

AP government has taken few crucial decisions as the recent protests by women associations to ban alcohol are arising day by day, ministry has taken the decision to close the liquor stores. Chandra babu Naidu has made a statement that “If any person is seen drinking on the road, he is to be arrested right away” YSRCP on other hand made a statement that they will remove all the liquor stores for good . And has ordered DGP samba shiva Rao to make this happen in a month

Women associations are protesting against the recent policies introduced by the AP government for the liquor usage. This is making a huge impact on the government and is losing support and the party members are worried this might be a chance for opposition party members to encash this opportunity and make their move to win the next election.

Chandra Babu is taking certain measures so as that the party does get damaged politically due to this issue and is focusing on the liquor stores in villages first .This might or might not prove as a good move , but the government believes that this might at least reduce the chaos happening in the state.

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