AP DGP advice to Parents on drugs

With the Drugs case still creating a havoc in both the Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) N Sambasiva Rao advised Parents to take care of their children by being vigilant on changes in their behavior. The Police department head said that two generations will suffer if the drug menace is not stopped immediately from spreading.

“Because of the media and other sources, children are now becoming knowledgeable on what a narcotic drug can do. This poses even more challenges to Parents and Teachers a like. I repeat that Parents had a major role in safeguarding the interests of their kids”, the DGP said.

“Police cannot be everywhere. We will battle against the drug traffickers but it is equally important that Parents stay vigilant”, he added. Mr. Sambasiva Rao further explained that parents should observe unusual behavior in their kids if any. He said that children should not be allowed to indulge in unnecessary activities, which also include staying awake late in the night.

He confirmed that they are also receiving updates on students getting hold of ganja and other banned substances easily through some middlemen. “We are in the process of identifying those lands, where ganja is cultivated illegally. Also, there are clear instructions to us from the state government to not allow cultivation of ganja in maoist-affected areas at any cost”, Mr. Rao added.

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