Belt shop policy and Chandra Babu

Removal of belt shops was one of the five signatures that Chandra Babu signed on the day of his swearing ceremony. In spite of the signature, the belt shops flourished in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The cabinet of AP recently decided that they will close down the belt shops. Probably they forgot that there was already a file that was signed to this effect. Let’s get into more details and see whats the story behind these belt shops.

What are the belt shops? When a license is issued for a wine shop they have to pay an exorbitant license fee and need to give bribes to government departments to run that shop for smooth running. To cover those expenses they will put up small shops or supply alcohol to local pan shops and small kirana shops. Even for that also they need to pay mamools to police and excise department people. Those who are in power will conveniently ignore these belt shops.

Belt shop scam in united Andhra Pradesh

When the state was in the undivided state the case of belt shops came into light. So many political leaders names also came to light in that belt shop scam. But that case had been diluted by the political leaders. Now again these bent shops came into the scene. Chandrababu’s government announced that from now on words there won’t be even a single belt shop in Andhra Pradesh. That means these belt shops are running in AP all these three years and the government conveniently ignored this fact.

Drunkards know where the belt shops are located.  In some areas, even the small cool drink shop is being converted in to belt shop. Though all the small pan shops are not belt shops, these drunkards know the exact location of the belt shop. As soon as they reach that shop the shop will be converted into liquor shop.  of course, these people need to shell out more money at these shops as they will charge extra money for supplying alcohol.

We may not get drinking water in remote villages but we will surely get the liquor. Chandrababu assures that all the belt shops will be removed but is it possible? Already pressure is building up in higher circles by the liquor mafia.  Everybody knows that politicians are the behind the liquor mafia and they only run belt shops.

By removing some liquor shops Chandrababu government may announce that they removed all the belt shops.  So belt shops story will be over in 3 to 4 days.

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