BJP’s action plan in Telangana state

WARANGAL: Despite Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) extending its support to NDA in demonetization, GST, and elections of President and Vice-President, the Telangana BJP announced that they welcome TRS supporting the NDA but they had nothing to do with it when it comes to state politics. Further, the Telangana BJP confirmed that it is working on becoming an alternative to TRS in 2019.

“Not only TRS, several political parties have supported the NDA alliance in several key decisions from demonetization to the election of President of India. But, when it comes to politics it is a different ball game. We don’t have any plans to form an alliance with TRS in 2019 elections. In fact, we are focusing on developing as an alternative to the current ruling party”, the BJP state President K Lakshman said.

He said that the government failed miserably in keeping up its key promises of the 2014 elections and that the people are looking for a Modi style of performance at the state-level too. “As a political party, we are doing our best to reach out to the public. TRS has failed to extend its hand to the common man, especially when he needed the support of the government. There are some issues like corruption and accountable governance, which can only be possible with BJP’s rule”.

“We have identified what should be done and accordingly, we have planned an executive meeting tomorrow in Warangal to discuss strategy for the next elections”, he added.

The executive meeting which is planned to be held for a period of two days will be attended by Union ministers Dattatreya, Hansraj Ahir, BJP secretaries and other leaders. The main agenda of the meeting is to strengthen the party from the root level and to prepare as a unit for the 2019 elections.

Telangana BJP president K Lakshman had already prepared an action plan and directed party workers and leaders to get ready for protesting against the government on different issues in the coming days. Further, the party president is focusing on appointing leaders to each constituency in order to strengthen the party. So far, constituency leaders have been appointed in 74 out of 119 Assembly segments.

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