Campaign against Drugs by Parents



Hyderabad: Worried over the growing drug abuse menace in schools of the capital city, the Hyderabad Schools’ Parents’ Association (HSPA) has on Saturday organized a campaign in schools by the name “Not in my school” – to educate students on drug abuse.

The members of the association took out a rally from people’s plaza to lumbini park before assembling for a meeting to discuss on a strategy to control drug abuse among school children.

Dr Rishikesh, a renowned Psychiatrist from the Niloufer hospital brought awareness among parents on how to identify changed behavior patterns among children addicted to drugs. Further, it has been reported that the HSPA will request the school managements to conduct an awareness program in schools.

Speaking to the media on the growing drug cases in schools, Mrs. Seema, the Vice-president of the HSPA said “We do not understand what does it take for the Telangana government to take action against growing drug menace in the capital city. Children are the future of a country, if they fail to safeguard their interests then how can we develop as a state or a country. It is high time that the state government brings out an action plan to crack down drug suppliers in the city”.

Also, the Parents association demanded the state government to immediately bring out an ordinance to control the ever-increasing school fees in the capital city. “We have proved at several instances that more than 90% of the schools in Hyderabad are seeing very high profits and have got no reason to hike school fees every year, in the name of loss of revenue. It is now with the government to form District Fee regulatory committees through the ordinance route, for immediate implementation”, said Ramanjeet, the Joint secretary of HSPA.

Last week, Telangana police unearthed a massive drug scandal which involved school children of well-off parents as regular consumers. The parents of the students in question were served notices and a counselling has been given to make sure their children does not repeat the crime.

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