Can NTR become Big Boss??


The Telugu TV screens are gonna be an eye feast with lot of twists and turns daily as Big Boss is all set to get started on 16-07-17. The Young tiger NTR being its host is another big thing which will attract many individuals to the small screens. Already few programs like “ Meelo Evaru Kotishwarudu “ have made huge success backed by stars like Akkineni Nagarjuna & Chiranjeevi . Being a huge success already by the Big Boss show in Bollywood  it is expected to make some huge noise in the Telugu states of Telangana and Andhrapradesh. Only in the coming days we will get to know if the charisma of NTR is good enough to register all time high TRPs and make him Big Boss of the Television.

 The show is said to start on 16-07-17 and is to run for 71days with 12 celebrities and 60 cameras to monitor all their activities for these days. The teaser of NTR is already a trending topic in social medias and NTR is known for his astounding dancing skills is to do a dance performance for the opening ceremony of the show. Talk is that NTR has chosen top class technicians to make sure that the show is a huge hit and has asked the show organisers to set the location of the show in MUMBAI instead of in HYDERABAD . However the list of 12 celebrities is yet to be revealed and that might add as a surprise tomorrow

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