Only crown but no Powers

It is confirmed that Rahul Gandhi is the crown prince of the congress party. You know what it means. He will be the president of congress party. As Sonia’s extension is being completed by this year he will take the responsibilities of the party. There may be no postponement now.  She has been running the party since 19 years. This is a record itself.

But Rahul is not coming forward. Some senior leaders in the party also not in favour of his elevation. All the members of the CWC unanimously asked Rahul to accept the president post but he postponed it for another year. Some senior leaders are inclined towards Sonia but the youth leaders prefer Rahul.

Sonia is suffering from illness and wants to hand over the party to Rahul and advise him from behind. But seniors are in doubt the capacity of Rahul about in running the party successfully. Because the recent important incidents she set aside her illness and working hard.

She did not interfere in the elections of Uttar Pradesh along with 5 other states. Though she started the election campaign first later her health worsened and she with draw from the election campaign. She went abroad before the election results after all the hungama over she came back to India.  In such situation she had to work for the combined president candidate.

All the opposition parties put the responsibility of selecting the presidential candidate on her.  Finally opposition parties selected Meira kumara as their candidate for the presidential election. She also actively involved in finalising former Governor Mr Gopala Krishna Gandhi’s name for deputy president candidature. Rahul Gandhi did not had a say in these two matters. There is no chance of their common candidate winning both the elections and that is another matter.

But Sonia succeeded in bringing all the opposition parties in to a common platform.  Even opposition parties also feel Rahul did not had that capacity. An English channel even run a story that Rahul will become the president of the congress party in September this year.  But Mamatha banerjee, Mayavathi and some other opposition leaders are not in favour of Rahul.

There will be heat of general elections from next year on wards. There must be proper strategy to stop Narendra Modi and BJP party. There are also assembly elections in several states.

In such a situation the seniors are in doubt that Rahul may not perform well. They informed the same to Sonia also. Some leader also went to media on this issue. But Sonia had no option but to make her son president of the congress party.  It is more important for her to make him president even if the party fails.

There is an impression that Congress means Nehru-Gandhi‘s property. Even though Rahul appointed as president of Congress she will take active position in the party. She will also take the responsibility of parliamentary party. There is no doubt that Sonia will take very active position in the forth coming elections. We need to wait and watch what will happen after the general elections.

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