Demonetization – boomerang on CBN?


Telangana CM KCR expressed his own doubts and made cautious remarks on demonetization move. He said only if this move benefits common man it will have his support. Slowly he started expressing his dissent on the move. And may be this was the reason he got appointment with PM Modi.

On the other hand Chandra Babu expressed his full support and started publicizing as if it was only on his suggestion that the Indian government has taken such decision. His expectation was he would gain popularity as “Nippu” and he could corner his opponent Y S Jagan. He thought Jagan had most of his assets converted to cash and is holding them in form of 500 and 1000 denominations. This move would make Jagan bankrupt and he could easily win over him in 2019 general elections. It seems Chandra Babu received information that Jagan was not worried about this move. This made him worry  that the demonetization would boomerang on him and his party.

Apart from this in the last two and half years it is the TDP leaders who had most of the access to cash rich activities like the sand tenders and other contracts. Now these are the real guys struggling to get the money exchanged. They are all now blaming Chandra Babu. With this his the Chandra Babu is worried that he could not damage his opponent Jagan, instead this brought him lot of anti popularity with the common man and as well as his own leaders.

Not always the arrows hits the right target!

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