Demonetization heat hits TRS party


The TRS party which is at an all time high in terms of it’s popularity has plans to celebrate it’s two and half years in office on a grand way. However the demonetization came as a surprise.Like every body else it left them as well cashless.It is a known secret no political party would have any kind of transparency to the funds it receives from its donors.

After the formation of new districts and appointing new committees to all the district units, TRS wanted to meet its district level leaders.They have chosen December 2nd for the event and want this combined with the two and half year celebrations of the government. After the central government move, KCR openly made a statement that the demonetization is going to hit the state treasury badly. Also at the time when the common man was facing all the difficulty in the world to get access to cash, the TRS party strategically decided too hold off its celebration.

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