Did Dhandupalyam make through Censor!

Recent leaked video of a south Indian movie Dandupalyam has shocked everyone over the internet.

Danduplayam is the scariest movie featuring torture, sex and crime in the southern film industry. The movie is in the making of its sequel “Dandupalyam 2”and there are a few leaked pictures and videos coming from past couple of months. These leaks are being found as intentional so that the movie gets its publicity atleast in a negative way and create the hype needed for it when it gets released.

The leaked video portrays actress sanjana tied up in a police station as she plays a part in the gang of dandupalyam. It is seen that the inspector who is played by bommali ravishankar tortures her with her clothes ripped off in the name of interrogation. The scene was shot in such a way that it is almost scaring the normal people if a police interrogation would be that terrifying. If that is how a third degree interrogation would be?

Keeping the interrogation aside, there is also a making video leaked in which two women are seen kissing which is quite unusual in the Indian films.

So would all these scenes make it through the censor board is where it all matters to the makers. Or probably all this is only a publicity stunt. What ever it is the movie has got its share of publicity with this leaked video.

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