Gang Review – 3/5

Suriya 'Gang' review

Suriya ‘Gang’ review

Gang Review – 3/5

Cast: Suriya, Keerthy Suresh, Suresh Menon, Ramya Krishna, Karthik, Brahmanandam

Music: Anirudh Ravi Chander

Producer: Gnanavel Raja

Director: Vignesh Sivan

Introduction: The movie is a remake of Bollywood super hit ‘Special Chabbees’. Vignesh Sivan directed the remake version of Tamil as ‘Thaana Serndha Kootam’ which is dubbed into Telugu as ‘Gang’. Suriya had good hits in Telugu and his recent movie too dubbed and released in Telugu. The movie hit the screens yesterday and let’s see if the movie stand any chance this festival season.

Story: The film is made on a backdrop of 1980’s era. Suriya is a well-educated man but he found himself no job. He meets other friends who are jobless too. Out of their frustration come to an idea, that is to loot the rich under the disguise of CBI. Unable to crack the case, police handover the case to a special officer. What happened to Suriya and his gang, did the officer crack the case forms the rest of the story?

Analysis: The director Vignesh Sivan had adapted the movie to the sensibilities of Tamil audience which is to be appreciated. The set up to depict the 80’s era worked out well. The director carefully etched entertainment in an otherwise serious movie. The first half of the movie entertains the audience and there is no drag in the story. The first half is all about how the hero became a thief, how he loots the rich. The second half has scenes that drag the story. Also, few unconvincing scenes were there in the second half. Totally it is an okay movie.

Performance: Suriya is the soul of the movie. He played Tilak with aplomb and his own voice adds to the movie. His performance in a scene where his friend commits suicide is enough to say that Suriya is one of the few talented actors down south. Keerthy Suresh is good. Ramya Krishna role and her performance elevated the movie. Rest is okay.

Technical aspects: Music is good, Cinematography is good. Art director hard work to depict 80s era on screen is commendable. Production values are good. Vignesh Sivan’s screenplay is good.

Finally: Gang entertains.

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