Govt creating mess out of Mudragadda?


The Andhra Pradesh govt vs. Mudragadda episode is being dragged like a daily TV saop. TV Soaps apparently runs into thousands of episodes. Forget about ending there would not be  any progress of the story itself. Looks like AP government wants to replicate the same in Mudragadda’s case as well. He is house arrested since last three episodes with intention of scuttling his proposed padayatra from Ravulapalem to Antharvedhi.

It is difficult to understand what the government is trying to do with Mudragadda’s demands. They say we are pursing all the election promises. But they will not come out and let the public know what is the progress. Whenever Mudragadda plan a protest or rally, it is suppressed with all the might in the world. Simultaneously a ocean of TDP leaders will start listing all the measures the government did for the Kapus, but will successfully dodge any question about the Kapu reservations. If the Government truly believes it has done all the possible good to Kapus, it should just let Mudragadaa do what ever he wants.

It is surprising how come the government gets shaky with one individuals act. To block Mudragadda’s activity the entire government and its officials gets on to its toes, with out any concern to how badly it is impacting the life of others in around the Godavari districts.

Not sure how many more episodes have to be witnessed by people of AP?

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