India China conflict – What’s Up


It’s already been many weeks and the India-china standoff at the Sikkim section shows no signs of calming down. With the tension rising day by day, people are afraid this might lead to a war between the two nations long after 1962 war.

This started with the Chinese extending their road construction near doklam pushing its border into India. The Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers were engaged in a standoff because such construction of a road would result in a significant change of status quo with serious security implications to India. The stand of is between the trijunction of India, Bhutan and china.

China’s road construction workers tried extending the road from a Chinese town “yadong “to Doklam plateau which would result in helping china carry artillery directly to the narrow land which connects mainland India to the north east.

The heat is rising and many videos and opinion polls coming up on media about a war, submarines and nuclear warheads and questioning if this would include Pakistan against India.

As of now, the talks are happening between the officials of India and china to resolve the issue. But China says “talks can only be meaningful if India withdraws its soldiers first.”

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