Insecurity or Highhanded behavior



In last couple of weeks we have seen few incidents or reactions from Andhra Pradesh government which gives scope to speculate if the government was feeling insecure about losing popularity in people or if it was trying to impose a highhanded behavior on people and opposition parties. I would like to mention a couple of them.

One, stopping the media channel broadcasting. Government in any way cannot get to the extent of stopping broadcasting of a channel. There is a proper way of doing it and through appropriate offices and only when there is enough evidence given to the authority to prove that the channel publication is leading untoward incidents related safety and security of people or is instigating violence directly or indirectly etc. The incident that the channel was trying to broadcast was arrest of a leader who was fasting unto death for a cause. I will not get into that cause because that is a separate discussion. If the arrest was taking place in a democratic way and as per the law, there is no harm in airing such incident. if these visuals would be provoking people towards violence, I cant imagine what should have happened to channels covering the murder of Vangaveeti Ranga or Paritala Ravi and the aftermath violence of the their murders.

Two, It was heard that Y S Jagan’s anatahpur tour has attracted huge masses and the government has asked intelligence reports about the source of this crowd mobilization. And also it was heard that the government has tried to restrict people attending the meetings or yatra in the name of security, after the cheppal row, by deploying police.

Both these incidents are not safeguarding the spirit of democracy in any which way. Hope the government and the people in government realizes the aspirations of people who elected them and what they are into now.

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