Interesting details about Ghattamaneni Goutham

Gopichand as “Ghattamaneni Goutham”. What is the relation between this movie and Mahesh’s son?

Everybody knows Ghattamaneni Gowtham is super star Mahesh Babu’s son. Are you wondering, what is the relation between his name and Gopichand’s character’s name? The hero’s name in Goutham Nanda movie is Gattamaneni Gowtham. By choosing that name the director Sampath Nandi created some curiosity on the movie. This movie will be released this 28th. Gopichand revealed some interesting things about the movie.

They researched on billionaires sons.

The director researched on billionaire’s sons for the character of Goutham Nanda. He researched about their behaviour, their dressing style and their habits. He then planned the character of Goutham Nanda in a perfect manner. Gopichand told media that the name of hero was decided by the director, and he doesn’t know more details about that.

Catherine and Hansika are the heroines.  

Catherine and Hansika are the heroines. Hansika’s  character name is Spoorthy.  She always speaks in the movie, same as her behaviour outside. Catherine is a rich girl and is very arrogant. Both the heroines perfectly siut their roles.

Ramana Maharshi philosophy.

The story is based on spiritual guru Ramana Maharshi’s one philosophical point. Every person must know who he is. The theme of the movie is to make it realise that, instead of father’s and grand father’s name one shall create his own name. This movie will connect with everyone.

No relation with “Basha”

“In this movie my character had 2 angles. Many people are asking me whether it has any resemblance with Rajani’s Basha movie. But there is no comparison between my movie and Basha movie. The story of the movie will be entirely different”, he said.

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