Interesting Story on Venkaiah’s mother

Venkaiah Naidu, a member of Rajya sabha from 1998 is a self made politician has been nominated for the Vice president of India.  BJP recently picked Venkaiah Naidu to be the Vice President of the country. Naidu is the son of a farmer who is the first vice presidential candidate to have been parliamentary affairs minister. Naidu Has represented Karnataka and Rajasthan that makes him having represented both north and south regions in Rajya sabha. Hes been a national president of BJP, served as a member of legislative assembly as well as parliament. Thus, he has political, legislative and administrative experience

Naidu was the president of students union at his college VR College which is located in Nellore, Andhrapradesh. Naidu was arrested once under the provisions of the maintenance of internal security act .

Naidu finally filed his nomination papers in the presence of top leaders and Mr. Modi. He is said to be one among the senior most ministers in PM Modi’s government quit his ministries today.

“I lost my mother at a very young age of one year and six months. Then I treated my party as my mother and they have really brought me up to this level. It is very painful to leave the party… That’s why I became a little emotional,” he told reporters during the nomination.

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