Item Accha hai – Tamanna


Milky beauty Tamanna says, when ever she goes to a restaurant and likes a dish, she would say “item accha hai”. Pause here, she connected this to her profession by adding more to this.If a dish has to be good it should be made of good ingredients, magical hands of the cook and good presentation of this dish. In a similar fashion if a movie has to be good, the story has to be good and its director should shape it up with his magical hands and should be aptly presented by the producer of the movie. a decade in industry has taught her a lot and sea change in the looks, attitude and acting from the time she acted in her first movie Sree along with Manchu Manoj.

However, some people are saying item acchai hai has an inner meaning. Off late she Tamanna started dancing for item numbers in few movies backed by popular heroes or producer and was able to make quick bucks equivalent to fifty percent of her regular remuneration she charges for a full movie. In that context she meant item songs accha hai. Only Tamanna knows the inner meaning.

What ever said, audience are interested only in the beauty of Tamanna. Short format or Long format doesn’t actually matter.

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