Jai Simha movie review – 2/5

Jai Simha movie review

Jai Simha movie review

Jai Simha review – 2/5

Cast: Balakrishna, Nayana Tara, Natasha Joshi, Hari Priya, Bahubali Prabhakar, Prakash Raj, Murali Mohan

Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad

Music: Chirantan Bhat

Director: KS Ravi Kumar

Producer: C. Kalyan

Introduction: Balakirshan teamed up with Tamil director KS Ravi Kumar. Ravi Kumar directed Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan and other stars in Kollywood. He is back to Telugu screen with ‘Jai Simha’. The movie hit screens yesterday. Let’s check it out.

Story: Narasimha (Balayya) takes care of his one-year-old son and works for a Temple trustee in Kumbhakonam. He saves the trustee reputation and his family, he also settled other issues and becomes a hero in Kumbhakonam. He becomes a target for villain and ACP too. He will cross paths with Nayana Tara (his ex-girlfriend). How is he related to Nayan, how does he settle his score with villains form rest of the story?

Analysis: The director banked upon Balayya’s mass image and concocted old story with new cast and settings. The movie will not please audience except Balayya fans and B, C center audience. The movie is an old school formula and he mixed mass elements to elevate Balayya image. The movie does not even go in the lines of a faction movie to justify the title. The hero is a mechanic and he will go head on with anyone to seek justice. He is a simple man with golden heart, fights for justice, hides in a different place, a love affair etc is the story. It is not difficult for the audience to guess the story given these clues. Trying to engage the audience with this old format of the story in the current era of cinema is a brave act. The movie offers no entertainment except Balayya verbatim all the time, his fights, and unnecessary heroines and Duets with them. Also, the movie runtime is little high than which is normal and that too tests audience patience. Just one or two scenes are good in the entire movie.

Performance: Balayya is his same old self. Routine dialogues, fights, and dance. Heroines except Nayan are a sheer waste in the movie. Rest is okay.

Technical aspects: Music is not so great, production values are good, dialogues, story, and screenplay are decades old.

Finally: Entertains only Balayya fans

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