Kapu unrest created by Babu

East Godavari district YCP president and former Kakinada rural MLA Kanna Babu said to media that Chandra Babu made a promise in 2014 elections that Kapu community will be provided reservations. Now even after 3 years there is no head away. Chandra Babu only must solve this problem. He said Kapu reservations issue is not related to law and order problem and police cannot solve this problem.

He spoke to the media on Tueseday and said, “The state government deployed police all over east Godavari district and there by creating fear in people. The government is issuing warnings to the people that if any one participates in Mudragada’s Padayatra they have to face severe consequences. The Government is not announcing when will Manjunath’s commission announce its decision and instead it is suppressing their voice”.

He also said YCP will support those who all will fight for the implementation of TDP’s manifesto. Chandra Babu is trying to split the people in the name of caste and only TDP had the history of creating rift between the people.

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