KCR catches upto CBN here as well

kcrThe Osmania University which will soon be cerebrating its centennial (100 years celebration), is considering to give honorary doctorate to Telangana CM KCR. The grapevine is that the university officials have taken a decision to that extent . Though the University existed for 100 years it has conferred the honorary doctorates to only very few people and is less than 20 in number. Some noted personalities like father of the constitution Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Ex Prime Minister Manmohan singh have received this honor from the university. Lastly in 2001 Arun Nethravali received the doctored from the university in 2001. In last 15 years none have received one from the University.

The university official are making arrangements to confer the doctorate as part of the centennial celebration that would be held next year to the Telangana leader and the first CM of Telangana state. KCR happened to be the student of the same university and completed his MA in literature here. the main reason behind this decision is that the university wanted to honor some one who took the Telangana movement to the people in last 10 years and made the state a reality in a democratic process. More news on this is awaited.

Looks like KCR has matched up to his political adversary Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu in this aspect as well. While Babu was given doctorate from not much known Chicago University, KCR is receiving one from India’s best Universities.

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