KCR to shape new Agricultural policy

HYDERABAD: “I firmly believe that there will be a series of unexpected changes in the lives of Farmers after five years from now. A day comes, when Banks will queue outside the houses of farmers to give loans. This is my wish, and I know that it will come true one day”, said Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao after holding a crucial meeting with officials in the Pragathi Bhavan on Tuesday. Though it looks more like an exaggeration, in the beginning, a close analysis will reveal the true intentions of KCR which may change the Agriculture fortune from the ground level.

‘Solving problems from its root level’ is the philosophy which Telangana Chief Minister KCR follows. It has been a routine for politicians, who ever form the government, to give temporary relief to farmers in the name of free incentives and loan waivers, etc. However, the Telangana CM has other ideas in his mind and has finally stepped forward to revolutionize agriculture model in the state.

The Chief Minister took revolutionary steps based on the main idea of making agriculture profitable to every farmer. For this, he had held discussions with senior officials and had finally come up with a report to change the face of agriculture in Telangana. The Chief Minister’s vision on Agriculture can be seen from various initiatives he has taken up, since 2014. The government has already taken necessary steps to provide sufficient quantities of seeds and fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rates. Apart from this, it has kept its promise of providing uninterrupted power supply to farmers. The government had also redesigned the projects to favor the larger interests of peasant community. In addition to it, the Chief Minister has started the process of registering all the agricultural lands in the state with the names of its original owners. Thereby, eliminating fraudsters and helping the government to provide targeted subsidies to farmers.

According to the officials, the government has guided them to record the details of every agricultural land in the state’s database. Further, every transaction in future will be registered and linked to their respective properties. By following this method, the government intends to provide help to only those who are rightfully eligible to receive subsidized material from the state government. Not only this, but the agricultural land records helps the government to come up with plans for various initiatives in the coming days, towards making the farm sector profitable.

The most significant reform that will be introduced by the KCR government is the formation of ‘Farmers organisation’ in every village. According to the government’s guidelines, every farmer present in a community will automatically become a member of the Farmers’ association of that Village. Further, a coordinating committee will be established which will look into the differences in opinion of all the farmers present in a village. The government’s proposal is that these Farmers’ organisations can directly process, store and sell the finished goods if ‘Minimum support price’ is not available in the markets. This idea of empowering the Farmers’ organisation is the most revolutionary one, according to the critics, as it will address the very crucial issue of minimum support price.

Apart from this, the government’s initiatives like providing free soil tests to farmers, constructing godowns and storage centers, processors and mechanization of agricultural through subsidy have been focused towards a new Agricultural policy in Telangana!

The Chief Minister opined that a Farmer, who is behind providing food to all the humans on Earth should not live on the decisions of external factors. He expressed that a day comes when listening to the word ‘Farmer suicide’ becomes history.

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