Kondanda Ram to float a new party!

Ours is a democratic country and anybody can start a political party. If a successful hero wishes to enjoy the power he will start a political party. If any political leader had dissent with his party head then he will come out of that party and will start a new party. If a successful business man got bored in his business then he will start a political party.  Every year many parties are taking birth. But most of these parties will have no existence.  When launching the party its founders say so many things but they will disappear in no time.

Will Kodandaram start a party?

Some leaders are commenting that Even after Telangana formed a separate state the government did not fulfill the peoples’ aspirations and this government must fall.  There is a talk that the main person in Telangana struggle Mr. Kodandaram may float a new political party.  Many people expected that kodandaram will start a new political outfit. Kodandaram some times said he as an individual or as an organization fought for the Telangana, he will not form a political party but on some occasions, he is hinting that he may start a political party.

He also commented if the politics are not in good form simply sitting in the house and scolding others won’t help and instead of that, it is better to try something to improve the situation.  He also said, Current Telangana political situation is not good and JAC is looking for alternative political set up. There is pressure from various sections to start a political party.

Will Gaddar succeed?

Recently Gaddar announced that he will soon float a political party. He also announces that he left Maoist movement and wishes to enter main stream politics. He felt that Maoist philosophy is not correct and he will announce his party in October 2017. He gave a slogan “Song to every village… Path to Parliament”.

He also announced he will conduct a rally with 10 lakh people in Bhongir and will announce his party name. Time only will tell with whom he will have an alliance and with which party he will have seat sharing fight the elections.  Gaddar is a great leader. He can inspire the people with his songs. He has the capacity to stop KCRs. But can he run a political party successfully and can he come to the power is a thousand Dollar question. Obviously, all the opposition parties will support Gaddar.

No single party can face TRS.  There are no leaders in opposition parties with the caliber of KCR.  Earlier also some leaders who oppose KCR tried to make Gaddar their leader but that trail did not succeed.

Will Intigadapa party cross the door step?

On Telangana aavirbhaava veduka day itself  TRS formal leader announced  “Telangana Inti Party”. The name of the party itself is very peculiar.Let us see how many parties will stay in political fray and how many will vanish.

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