Kondaram Episode -Lessons for TRS



We have seen off late Prof. Konda Ram has been criticizing the government on various issues. His criticism was countered with a Tsunami of counter attacks from various TRS leaders at different levels of cadre including Ministers to MLAs and MPs. What is surprising is people who have opposed Telangana during the Telangana movement are in the fore front of criticizing Kondaram. Talalsani Srinivas being one of them. MP Balka Suman in his tirade was referring the Professor’s name as Kodanda Rami Reddy. How come Suman didn’t realise the professor was Reddy during agitation. These double standards should be done away. Things like these may not go well with people of Telangana and the TRS party needs to definitely take lessons from such things.

The TRS was least expecting any criticism at this juncture as it has virtually decimated the complete opposition and at such a time when they had to face blast from the leader who was in the fore front of the agitation, they were taken by shock and over reacted. The government and all the TRS leaders are new to the functioning of government . First lessons for the TRS party and its leaders  is to accept criticism and welcome the critics and clarify to the people the government stand and the flaws in the critics argument.

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