KTR Responds in usual style

6730_KT Rama Rao

KTR has responded to the questions in a logical manner as ever. In a recent conference at Narayanpet, KTR stated that congress has made a mess by ruling for 60 years and questioned how it is possible for anyone to clean it up in 3 years. Yet allegations are being made on TRS party that the situations are not getting any better .KTR also took the reference of how recent construction of roads and the project to provide water for 337 villages through the mission Bhageeratha was obstructed by the congress leaders in narayanpet with cases being filed in court .

With the help of river Krishna , the dream of making the lands green in Palamur is remaining as a dream with the protests of few political leaders. Mission Bhageeratha , which is a 40,000 crore project to develop rural areas with sufficient water for the farmers to do agriculture is being delayed due to such miscellaneous activities by the congress leaders . In this program, few ministers like Laxma reddy, Krishna rao participated.

KTR mentioned that he won’t be resting until Palamur is developed and is filled with green fields at any cost.

What needs to be kept in mind is people has given Mandate for 5 years to the TRS government, they will not have all 60 years again to clean or create mess of Telangana.

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