Lovely message from MB to Sitara!

Every father loves his daughter with all his heart and will do everything in his power to see her happy. Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu is also such kind of a father who loves his daughter Sitara more than anything in this whole world. He shows his love towards his daughter in all sorts of situations and when it comes to her birthday, He makes it so special that it’s a festival to the whole family. Recently a tweet from Mahesh’s twitter regarding his baby girl’s fifth birthday showed how precious his daughter to him is.

The Tweet quoted “She makes each day of mine special! Today is hers 🙂 more love, infinite happiness to my little one on her special day. My daughter turns 5

Few rumours aroused as the teaser trailer of Mahesh’s upcoming movie “SPYDER” will be unveiled on Sitara’s birthday but they remained as a mere fan predictions only.

Whenever Mahesh gets a chance, he will spend some time with his kids. Recently, Sitara has attended the shooting set of SPYDER which is being directed by murugadass and turned the set into a fun filled environment for all the film’s crew which made a sensation on social media with her cute pics.

Sitara and Gautam are like two big diamonds to Mahesh Babu and whenever he’s not occupied with film shootings, He’ll take them to a holiday trip abroad and have some lovely time together.

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