Mayawati Resigns from RajyaSabha

As said, the Chief of the Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) Mayawati has resigned as the member of the Rajyasabha on Tuesday evening. The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister submitted her resignation to the Vice-President.

The incident took place in the Upper House when the chair asked Mayawati to end her speech, while she was addressing the issues faced by Dalits in Uttar Pradesh.

As reported, Deputy Chairman Kurien asked Mayawati to wrap up her speech as she exceeded the three minutes time provided for her to make the submission. This irked the already anguished Mayawati, who went on to say that she will resign from Rajyasabha if not allowed to complete her submission.

“This is not fair on your part. I am the chief of a party and I am speaking on the issues faced by our community and you are not allowing me to speak. I have no right to sit in this house if I am not allowed to express my views on the atrocities against the Dalits”, said Mayawati in her argument with the Deputy Chairman.

Kurien opined that the house can only go for a discussion after she has given a notice under rule 267 and after the government accepts it.

Amid slogans from the opposition parties, Kurien stood up from his seat and announced that the government has agreed for a discussion and the opposition can go back to their seats and start the discussion.

However, angered Mayawati left the house and tendered her resignation to the Vice-President in the evening.


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