Modi to be demonetized in 2019!?



Yes, you read it right. As per CPI leader Narayana, brand Modi will be demonetized in 2019. Reason stated as per Narayana is that, Modi tipped off the corporate world about the demonetization and it is only the middle class families that are suffering due to this act. And this middle class will teach a lesson to Modi in the 2019 general elections.

Narayana quoted two examples to substantiate his comments. As per him, there is no corporate guy standing in the ques for currency exchange and it is only the poor that are spending time. Also when the middle class is struggling and have gone cash less for day to day expenses which is sometimes costing their lives, leaders like Gali Janardhan reddy were able to spend hundreds of crores for his daughters wedding.

Does this argument have merit? Will have to wait and watch 2019 poll results !

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