Next Prabhas-Rana Combo of South

The next high expectation movie in Tamil is Vikram Veda, written and directed by Gayathri and Pushkar released yesterday. Being taunted as Prabhas-Rana combination in Tamil industry Both Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, most talented actors in Tamil movie field, paired in this movie. Both the heroes fans are gaga over the combination, performance, and chemistry between these two actors.  As Prabhas – Rana duo made a great dual hero combination in Bahubali there are also a lot of expectations on these two hero combinations, and being taunted as Tamil Prabhas and Rana combination.

What made this combo more exciting is they don’t over power each other but compliment one another. Prabhas got praises for his acting in Bahubali movie but his character has been highlighted because of Rana’s character as ruthless Bhallala deva. Same way Madhavan- Sethupathi combination created much hype.

Here are the reasons for this hype.

Madhavan and Sethupathi share excellent chemistry between them.  By looking at the promotional pictures we can guess how much lethal is their combination.   Simply they are sizzling and irresistible. Just as Prabhas and Rana in Bahubali When they appear face to face, they are sure to set the screen on fire.

Powerful characters.

Though Madhavan and Sethupathi combination is a power packed, individually also they dish out great power punch. Both are a killer combination as a cop and gangster. Their performance will certainly impress the audience. Both the characters are being highlighted equally and they complement each other.

Super combo.

After the Prabhas- Rana combination this pair has been taunted as the best combination on the screen. Both the actors do very un conventional roles and now they did an excellent job in this movie without over powering and over shadowing each other.

Hottest combination

In this movie, Vijay Sethupathi put up some weight and. With his salt and pepper getup, he is sure to make his presence felt on the screen. With his get up he perfectly suited to the role of a gangster. Everyone knows the acting skills of Madhavan. So their killer combination will certainly increase the heat quotient.

What is more exciting is it is a cop gangster combo. We are always fond of these types of stories and with their lethal combo, the screens are already set on fire.

Go watch this movie for its combination.

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