No Ring – No Comments

sonakshi-sinhaBunty Sajdeh, off late this name is heard every where in Bollywood. When enquired who this guy is, it is found that he is brother-in-law of Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan. He also happens to be the manager for several actors/actress. The rumors in Bollywood are rife that, Sonakshi Sinha has fallen in love with Bunty and went a step ahead and are now engaged. People have been seeing them in pubs and parties and are assuming the engagement story to be true.

In a recent interview when asked about her engagement with Bunty Sajdeh she replied, ” look at my finger. Do I have a engagement ring? if it is not there, your question is answered and no more comments on this”.

Sonakshi, we will take this answer for now, but you can’t keep things under the carpet for long. You will pull up the carpet one day or we will get under the carpet, its only matter of time!

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