Pawan dominating NTR and Mahesh

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan kalyan has fans all over the world. When Pawan’s movie releases then overseas fans will celebrate it like a festival. They will do more hungama than both the Telugu states. Because of this Pavan’s mania producers sell the movie rights at exorbitant rates. Now a latest movie is being released with Pavan and Trivikram combination.  There is a talk in the industry circles that this movie did break all the earlier records.

Mahesh and Ntr are on full swing with recent hits.

NTR got big hits like Nannaku prematho and Janatha garage. Mahesh also got a big hit with Srimanthudu movie. Their movies got unexpected collections at the box office.  So there is lot of craze for their movies.

Continues flops for Pawan.

Recent Pawan kalyan’s movies Sardar gabbar singh and Katama rayudu failed at box office. Distributers of these 2 movies are in deep neck losses. Pawan’s fans also feeling depressed with these movie flops. In such a situation Pawan and Trivikram’s movie is releasing soon.

Pawan’s Movie did record business.

Trade pundits thought that after two flops Pawan kalyan movie may not do great business. But the movie did roaring business which surprised many in the movie circles. There is a news making rounds that in pre release this movie did Rs 90 crore business.

No first look, No teaser..

Till date the name of the movie also not announced. There is no first look nor any teaser released.  Trade circles are wondering even without any promotion how this movie did such a roaring business.

Exceeded the business of Jai lavakusa and spider…

Right now Murugadas / Mahesh combination movie spider and Ntr’s Jai lavakusa are ready for the release. Pavan’ movie’s pre release business is much more than these movies which is the buzz word in the movie industry. Some people are breaking their heads how even after so many flops Pawan kalyan movie could do business in this range.

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