PK’s Twitter updates


Jana’s chief Pawan Kalyan is Twitter’s account inactive for nearly three weeks. Since May 8, there are no tweets from that account. Pawan’s Twitter account has been hacked by some people. It is surprising that Pawan’s Twitter account is not retrieving.

The technical team of Pawan is unable to retrieve the account. So discussions are on to start a new account. On the one hand, looking forward to retrieving old account, and on the other opening new account is the strategy. There is a good chance to start a new account.

Pawan’s Twitter account was not hacked, but it was said that it was locked up when its administrator was removed from the job. Pawan was very active on Twitter before getting his account locked. Almost every day to respond on a topic .. comment on some happening .. The official announcement of the Janasena party used to be released to the media through this account

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