Politicos kid in Drug Mafia?


Names of children of certain political leaders are circulating in Hyderabad drugs scandal. Many children of MLAs, MPs and MLCs from AP and Telangana have been trapped in this drug racket. They are not just users but also involved in the drug racket business. Kelvin has revealed several names to SIT.

When they checked the Kelvin’s whatsapp group and mobile list several politicians’ children names came out.  Kelvin conformed that with the help of mediators he supplied the drugs to politician’s kin.  On Sunday, Kelvin was interrogated by the sit in the presence of an advocate.  When Kelvin started revealing the names of political leaders children the lawyer was asked to stay outside of the room to maintain secrecy. It is reported that SIT will issue notices to political leaders on the basis of information provided by Kelvin.

It was rumoured that along with several ministers’ sons, MLAs, MLCs, district party presidents and corporation chairmen’s kin of two Telugu states also trapped in this drug racket.  Some of them were completely enslaved to the drugs and it has also came out that Kelvin and his team supplied drugs at rave parties held in resorts located on outskirts of the city in moinabad, shamshabad, medchal , shamirpet and  ghatkesar of ranga reddy district.

Although not yet revealed, two new heroines have been reported to have been addicted to drugs. These heroines’ names are starting with alphabet “R”.

Also there are doubts that the son of minister of AP who was recently died in a recent accident night have addicted to the drugs. Same way some sons of the recent new entrants in to the cine field from political party leaders and also a son of an AP minister who involved in a controversy also might have been using drugs, according to the information being leaked by Kelvin.

Also there are rumours in the political circle that a senior political leader from the south coastal Andhra, who jumped in to another party, Is also addicted to the drugs.

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