Rahu and Kethu goes to USA!!

rahu-e-ketuRahu and Kethu, two of the famous Navagrahas have now reached USA to influence the Presidential Polls in USA. As per the predictions coming from Sri Kalahasthi temples in-house priest Mulugu Ramalingeswara Prasad, Hillary Clinton’s planetary positions are well placed than her opponent Donald Trump’s planetary position and Trump is getting effected by “yelinati sani”. This is going to lead to Clinton’s victory in the presidential poll and she will be creating history of sorts by becoming the first lady President of the so called free world the USA.

Not sure if any one outside India and some Asian nations like Thailand and Indonesia are aware of what these Rahu and Kethu are and how they influence your day to day activities and outcomes of them ultimately.

For a person like Donald Trump, who is a baby in politics, trouncing 14 seasoned politician in the Grand Old Party (GOP) presidential preliminaries,  to become the Presidential nominee of the Republican party is a major achievement which can be cherished for the rest of his life. Does that mean he had better planetary positions (what happened to yelenati sani here) than that  of all the republican party primary candidates and not so good compared to Hillary?

If this is the case I think the GOP will decide its next Presidential nominee not by the preliminaries but depending on who the candidate is on the democrats side and figure out a Republican party member who has better planetary positions to defeat the democrat candidate. That should help the GOP to get back to presidency after 12 long years.

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