Reddy Garu… you are Great!

Rowdy reddy, goon reddy  these are the words national media used when Mr J C Divakar reddy  attacked the staff of an airline at Vizag air port.  Still Mr Reddy refused to say sorry to the staff of the air line. This is the heroic story of JC Divakar reddy.  Do you know?? He achieved great success in this episode.

As all the airlines lifted the travel ban on him he has no limits on his happiness. Recently when he tried to board a flight at Hyderabad airport to go to Vijayawada he faced very embarrassing situation as the airlines showed him no entry board.  When he went to Delhi to vote for president elections he booked a special flight. That is the power of Mr Divakar reddy.


Anyway TDP is a partner in the ruling NDA.   More so ever the aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi raju is TDP member. Then who can stop him?  Nobody knows what happened at the back ground. All the airlines have lifted the ban on Mr Reddy.

So the essence of this story is, anybody can beat the staff of the airline… Anybody can damage the property…  But conditions apply. He must be in the political power circle.

This is the message these people are giving to the civil society.  Who cares, I have no shame. ?

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