Roads in Andhra Pradesh – Update

AMARAVATI: It is a well-known fact that roads do get damaged more often during the rainy season and therefore, it needs frequent repairs to be carried out at regular intervals to minimize the problems faced by the public.

However, the Andhra Pradesh Roads and Buildings department has reportedly sent out a guideline, to not take up new projects and confine only to repair important roads and buildings damaged due to rains. The directive from the department has been confirmed to be due to the financial crisis in the present situation.

Sources said that the Roads and Buildings department is under pressure with numerous requests being received from MLAs and MPs for laying of new roads and clearing bills for the ongoing works. “It is very difficult to manage them due to the financial crisis. Sometimes we have to shift the funds intended for some ongoing projects, to another new project if the person asking for it is an influential MLA in the government. It is all part and parcel of an officer’s life”, said an officer from the R&B department on request of anonymity.

Earlier, the state government has allocated only a meager Rs 210 crore for the current financial year, which was Rs 410 crore last year. According to the R&B department, they have to clear bills worth Rs 930 crore to contractors for the ongoing works.

“We have requested the Chief Minister to allocate additional Rs 500 crore in the current budget. A clarity on this will come only after two or three months. Meanwhile, we were directed to take up new projects if there is a need of emergency”, the senior officer said.

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