Robots new Avatar of Sex Goddess

Robots cannot love but they feel sex. This is the caption of an organisation Real doll. Robots can’t feel love. Even if we sing “feel my love” song they can’t understand that song. But this company says their robots will have excellent sex feelings. This company says the robots manufactured by their company can give excellent full-fledged sexual feeling.

Real Doll Company manufactured brand new robots. With these robots one can enjoy 15 types of sex angles. When hug them they will give the hotness of the real hug. They will also give the real sexual feelings of the sex. Not only that there will be no difference in touch and lip kiss feeling. We can buy these robots for just $ 6000.

These dolls are not made with the intention of giving the sex satisfaction. It will relive you from the loneliness. It will speak to you, stay beside you. You can do friendship with them. In a word, you feel you have a human being beside you, as per the CEO of the company real doll Matt McMullen

Already there are objections against these robots. Some are praising them while some are against these types of robots. Some argue that because of these robots human relations may get affected and in some countries even the population may decrease drastically.

It is also true to some extent.

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