Samanthakamani Live streaming

One of the recently released films has been streamed online on Facebook live. The film has been released in the last week within high expectations. The film has been recognized as “Samantakamani” which was released last week. This film was directed by Sriram Aditya featuring Sandeep Kishan, Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu and Aadi in the lead roles.

The film went live on Facebook due to piracy of the movie. It was watched by nearly 200 members on Facebook and returned good comments on the movie. This was done by some crooks who started Facebook Live on the Facebook pages for their page popularity.

After knowing this shocking news, Sandeep said, “I Give up“, with folded hands. “What could anyone do for minds that think this is not a big crime and just a craze? Pirating films or streaming a film live on an FB page is the same crime that invites legal action. Still, people are streaming and others are watching. Shouldn’t we honor the efforts put into making such movies?”

On the other side some of the people defending this piracy due to the price hike of movie tickets. People are questioning how to watch the movie when tickets costs are high.

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