Slogans against Babu in a novel manner

Gone are the days when people were suppressed and punished for expressing their anger against the government. Social media has become the largest platform where anyone can share their views about anything and anyone.

The public has expressed their dissatisfaction against the current ruling party in Nandyal, AP by simply writing on a wall. There is just one sentence and seeing the underlying political unrest one can guess to whom it is aimed at.

Facing allegations that the ruling party TDP is more concerned about winning the local elections rather than solving their problems, this slogan is seen on many walls reminding the restlessness of the people towards the AP Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu.

TDP MLA’s were stressed out as they were summoned by the party leaders to win over this election and they were given targets to win the vote bank.

In this situation it comes as no surprise people expressing their anger in such a straight forward manner. In fact, one should give credit to whoever has resorted to this manner because there is nothing derogatory about anyone except plain disagreement of the public against the ruling party.

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