Special Courts or Special Judges Yanamala?



In a recent press meeting, Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu made a sensational comment that the government will be taking over the Sakshi media house owned by opposition leader Y S Jagan in next 3 to 4 days. The context being that center has approved the creation of special courts to expedite and dispose the disproportionate assets cases of all public servants. Also the special courts will help in fast tracking the confiscation and handing over the properties to the state government so that they can be used for the development of the state. Along with Sakshi media he also said they will be taking over all the 43000 crore disproportionate assets of YS Jagan and use for the benefit of people.

Lets look if that is that simple. One, Jagan is/was not a public servant. Second, need to see if this law is retrospective and third, all the cases are pending in the CBI courts and the special courts only will help in fast tracking the trial and bringing the cases to a logical conclusion. Even after the hearing is complete in special court both the parties have right to appeal in supreme court and only after the Apex court full bench gives a verdict against Jagan, the special court will help in confiscating the attached property,post which there is a lengthy procedure to be followed to sell the property to any of the interested parties. All this is going to take at least few years from now. Above all we actually don’t know what the verdict is going to be when the trial is still in progress.

What is surprising is Yanamala is not only a experienced minister but also a lawyer by himself. One is not clear how he was able to say that government will take over Sakshi and run the media while the cases are still in trial stage. In this context Yanamala should say if government is setting up the courts or is it also appointing judges and giving them the verdict copies to the pronounced against the opposition party and its leaders? Also when all the assets that are attached in Jagan’s case are to the tune of 1000 crores, not sure where he is going to bring the rest of 42,000 crores. Leaders in responsible positions should think twice before making such illogical statements, else all of these will only be remain as sound bytes for media.

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