Traffic Awareness: Allu Arjun and Rajamouli

Stylish star , Bunny (Allu Arjun), attended a traffic awareness programme along with sensational director Rajamouli . The meeting which took place
in the Srinagar colony was attended by police commissioner Mahender Reddy and traffic DCP Ranganath. Allu Arjun revealed that his driver also changed and is not taking alcohol when he has to drive. He said that he wouldn’t encourage breaking the traffic rules. Yet, he’s not against having alcohol, he is just
against drunk and drive because it wouldn’t just put your life at risk , but also would risk anyone who’s on the road.

Later , S S Rajamouli said that today’s youth craves for speed in everything they do. But when it comes to driving, they doesn’t need speed and our roads don’t serve the need for that sort of speeds. He shared a report that there are more deaths in the country due to rash driving than the deaths due to terror attacks.

Both the stars shared their experiences and views on the current traffic situation and spoke wisely so that it can motivate today’s youth. Hope the youth digests the bitter truth of drunk and drive and follow the words of their favorite stars.

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