Trending now – Shivani Rajasekhar!

Shivani rajashekar is the new name in the telugu film industry which is trending over on the popular social medias Facebook and WhatsApp recently with stunningly beautiful portraits of her. She is none other than the beloved daughter of Dr. Rajashekar and Jeevitha who is all set to step foot in the Telugu and Tamil industries and make her mark.

Shivani is said to have caught the eyes of a famous director during her recent photoshoot and has come to light. One of the biggest media and entertainment firm Kwan media is happy to host and work with Shivani for her debut. Kwan has launched many Hindi, Telugu and Tamil stars previously who are successful in their careers.

Learning dance, arts and martial arts Shivani is also practising medicine currently. Being the elder daughter of Dr. Rajashekar and Jeevitha, Shivani got everyone dropping their jaws with her exceptionally good looks and perfectly fit figure.

Dr.Rajashekar made a statement recently that “there is a lot of hypocrisy in the industry that we touch and do romance with other actress and feel that our women shouldn’t come to the industry. But I’m not such person”. This proves that Dr. Rajashekar is supporting his daughter with all his heart and will make sure she’ll grow to a star level.

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