Try harder and achieve the unthinkable!

Though we always hear the equality laws and in action that will be a totally different story. In today’s day to day world, there is a lot of inequality between men and women and this will be clearly seen in the job sector. There are jobs where they clearly mention ‘Men Only’. Crossing this barrier and achieve what a women dreams is in this male dominated society is not to be taken lightly.

One of that kind jobs is pilots. This is still dominated by men and it is very rare to see a women pilot across the world. This has been achieved by a young Indian woman Anny Divya and she has become the world’s youngest commander in chief of Boeing 777. Talking about it, she said, it has always been her dream and she achieved this after a lot of struggle as there is little guidance about how to become a pilot. Her parents supported her in this career even though it cost them a fortune and helped her achieve what she wanted. Earlier she was offered commander of 737 but she wanted 777. So she had to wait a little more time and all her hard work and patience paid off.

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