TS – AP fail to support Dalits: VH

NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha member and a leader of the Indian Congress Party, Mr. VH Hanumantha Rao has on Wednesday criticized both the Telugu states for failing to control the increasing atrocities against the Dalits. He alleged that instead of protecting the victims, state governments are actually protecting the attackers.

“We have observed a sudden increase in the number of cases registered in the police stations on atrocities against Dalits. It is important to note that the Police are actually protecting the attackers instead of the victims. If this continues like this, a day comes when we can no longer call India a democratic country”, Mr. Hanumantha Rao observed.

Further, the Telangana Congress leader added that the state government is willfully suppressing the democratic rights of people by trying to relocate Dharna Chowk. Mr. Rao said that the situation has been the same even in Andhra Pradesh, alleging that the Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu is using Police to control the public who criticizes the government’s policies.

“We are going to protest against this. A Dharna would be held at the Jantar Mantar on August 22, which will include various democratic organizations and civil society members as participants. Professor Kodandaram will also take part”, VH confirmed.

It must be noted that Professor Kodandaram, the Chairman of the Telangana Joint Action Committee was recently arrested and later released by the Police when he tried to meet farmers in Mulugu Mandal, in an attempt to discuss the issues faced by them with the government planning to construct ‘KondaPochamma reservoir project’ in the surrounding areas. If the project goes ahead as planned, a number of adjoining villages will be submerged. Hence, a problem of relocating the villagers emerged which has gradually turned controversial, as Professor Kodandaram wants the government to first fulfill the promises made to farmers before shifting them.

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