Whats working for “Ninnu Kori”


Ninnu kori is a feel good romantic movie released on 6th July . Directed by shiva nirvana as his first film mesmerized the audience with its simple story line, music and cinematography. With Nani , Nivatha Thomas and Aadhi Pinishetty as the lead actors for the movie, the flick has created enough buzz to make the people go rushing to the movie without any marketing done.


With the release of “Adiga Adiga “ song way before the movie’s release got people fall in love the movie even before its release. Nani, with his natural and realistic acting made it a feast for his fans . Although critics say Nivetha Thomas has outshined Nani with her charm and glamorous acting and stole the hearts of audience, all the lead actors have made the movie a family entertainer with sensible comedy to keep the movie watchable. Mass audience wouldn’t be satisfied with the movie as the movie isn’t exciting or has any action sequences . However the audience are taking a bow for emotional climax sequence.


Movie has been few one liners as “emotional” “feel good” “class movie”.


Nani’s acting, Nivetha’s beauty and Aadhi Pinishetty’s performance coupled with catchy music , timely comedy and great cinematography is making the film another huge success for Nani.

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