Will walk out if heroine speaks English

dasariAll this while we have sen only walk outs in Assembly and parliament and this is done by opposition parties to stage a protest on decisions made by the ruling party. From now on we are going to see the same thing even in the Telugu cine functions as well. Wondering why and how? read the below…

Yesteryears ace cinema director, Darshakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao, who attended the muhurtham of the new Telugu movie ‘kotikokkadu’ was seriously pissed when the heroines started talking in English. He immediately responded saying, “Telugu industry respected people from several language and gave them opportunity to show case their skills and all these people including you three (Nikisha patel, Lakshimi Rai and Arundati Nayar) should reciprocate and show respect to the Telugu Film Industry by speaking in Telugu. Next time if I listen to some one speaking English in a cine function I will walk out of the function” threatened Dasari.

While the intention of Dasari is good, in such a commercial industry who cares what language they speak as long as success is the only yard stick for casting! Given this we can expect Dasari to be walking out of the stage  99 percent of the times if he sticks to his words.

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